B-Spoken new member of GSES

B spoken new member of gses

About B-Spoken:

After working for decades in Luxury Fashion, Lifestyle and High Tech, winning various awards in Design and Quality as well as various Prestigious Publications on Fashion TV and High End Publications in Society Magazines and Social Media, Maureen Josef and Theo Wit launched their B-Spoken Company to cater to the need of a growing Clientele for a Sustainable Luxury Lifestyle with Impeccable High Quality Service.

At B-Spoken, we offer the experience of Well-being, Convenience and a Sustainable Luxury Lifestyle providing Customized Sustainable Lifestyle Products on our Digital Platform through your Personal Livestream Assistance, directly delivered from our Local Artisan Manufacturing Facilities to our Clients, saving expenses and CO2 Footprint while Optimizing Transparency within our Supply-chain.